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Receive your orders via WhatsApp. Zero transaction fee with PAYNOW*

Premium feature

Zero transaction fee with local payments

Allow your clients to use their favourite mobile bank app to PAYNOW you. Now you can receive direct payment to your bank account with zero processing fee!

WhatsApp ordering

Receive your orders via WhatsApp

Orders come to you/seller in the form of WhatsApp message allowing you to communicate with your buyers directly!

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Yes, there is a set up time between 24-48 hours required for us to manually setup/license the PAYNOW feature. That being said, instant activation of PAYNOW is definitely in our future roadmap.

Definitely! You can find the Quick Start video tutorials (estimated by mid-2023) right at the Dashboard area once you’ve logged in.

No. PAYNOW (with auto-generated QR code) is only available in the Premium plan. Nevertheless, there’s still a Custom Payment mode which you can manually set up the PAYNOW instructions.